Monday, February 11, 2008

Eczema't iba pang kating kinakamot

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 00:43:14 -0800 (PST)
From: "darmel de los reyes"
Subject: NPA na ako..

No Permanent Area...

As I write now I am at my other office at Safaniya, where they produce butane oil and gas and other petroleum products plus gases that I haven’t even heard of. Dito rin ginagawa ang ginagamit ng NASA sa kanilang rocket ships.... I go to and fro, from one area to another as I need to do site inspection redlining and updating, I’m not very good at time of the few traits I wish I was able to develop, Mama scolded me a lot of times about this (ayan tuloy) I’m wracking my brains on how I would effectively be able to set my schedules correctly, now I know what an organizer is for...madalas ko kasing pinagdodrowingan lang yun eh...ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.

I officially have three offices, one at Tanajib, one at Central Main and one here in Safaniya....I also wish I applied for the non-professionals drivers license as I am asked about it by the they could issue me a means of transportation...yung Ford na 4X4 ang ibibigay...sayang amputsa...katulad ng mga pusang gala sa bahay eh.. I will be staying in an area for a week then return to the main office for the updating and go to another area to be there in a week again for inspection.

It’s very dangerous being near a gas plant bawal ang cellphone.. ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi natin sinusunod yung nakikita natin sa gasoline stations na turn CP off dahil may naaksidente talaga dun...It doesn’t smell nice inside a plant...kaya medyo iwas ako sa hydrogen won’t smell it but in thirty minutes patay ka....kaya may hydrogen sulfide detector kaming dala...Ironically I’m not paid enough to do this kind of things...Hazardous na for me. Maingay pa....bale wala ang full volume ni Vanessa Mae (Nicholson) at ni (Johann Sebastian) Bach sa I gave up on bringing my MP3 with me a month ago.

I’m just supposed to be in the office, not on site... Advantage nga lang is unlike my other colleagues, nakakainggit yung position ko, as I actually see what I am working on mas matututo ako...Yun lang mahirap.
I have pictures sent by Aaron, the el kumags... Marduk in particular...ha-ha-ha-ha! I can’t tell one from the other.

Sagot ng Amang Kulamnista:

Nice to hear you’re doing great in your job, keep it up! Astig pa rin ang mga tugtog na pinakikinggan mo, lalo na 'yung Vixen with Violin-- Vanessa Mae!

There’s one fat guy in this neck of the woods often caught on camera perpetually dawdling at his mobile phone. Must be an itchy hand and local superstition has it that’s a sign of money coming into one’s hands, there must have been lots and lots of foreplay involved for the incoming lots of money. Or maybe lots of eczema. I must say the not-so religious and wicked souls amongst us are storming heaven with prayers for that bloke to be afflicted with a terminal case of flatulence, why, he’d be turning up tons and tons and tons of methane that’ll likely be phone-sparked to a resounding blast not unlike the Glorietta tragedy in Makati last year.

Hah, I’ve figured a fail-safe way of identifying those frolicsome kittens. Each morning, grim-faced Zahrim’s the first to clamber up my left leg and sit at the crook between thigh and tummy (where the liver lies). All-black furred Marduk is round of face, mild-eyed and is the next to clamber up my left leg. Zahgurim has a splotch of white below the neck and is often nowhere to be found, she often gets a thorough preening and licking from our curs Oca, Mischa, and Bitoy that turn her into, well, one hot wet pussy…

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