Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Untog ng anak, utog ng ama

Untog mula darmel de los reyes, doodles11006@yahoo.com:

TITA Lourdes in London is hooking me up with the daughter of her nurse friend, I might like her daw....sige lang basta matalino at masarap kausap ok na ako doon, I love to converse with people smarter than me, not that I’m that smart, masarap lang sila kausap, mas feel ko. Just email me anytime ha-ha-ha.

Just a while ago I was able to finish downloading an entire album of “The Gregorian Chant” although this particular album is old, mostly Christmas songs; its not that easy to hack to such things, not to mention it's rare to find such albums… meron nga lang ako ng Metallica, ‘yung new album (o say mo ‘di ba wala ka nun) hacked it as well and some other stuff na pinatulan ko na rin; I miss hearing (U2’s) “Where the Streets Have No Name,” you always play this one.

Hirap nga lang mabuo ng Queen’s Greatest Hits of 2008, and some Red Hot Chili Peppers albums.

I stored my Vanessa Mae (Nicholson) albums over at my youtube account… crush na crush ko pa rin talaga siya eh. Hindi na kasi kasya sa PDA. I haven’t bought a new memory stick of 8Ghz yet; my 4Ghz is already filled up with movies and games. I gained 9kgs within a matter of weeks, I’m getting big, haven’t worked out lately kasi puro kain, kain at kain… next month na lang ako mag-workout ulit o sa summer na lang tutal naman nag-salad na rin naman ako eh ok na ‘yun ‘di ba?

I still have a year to go before I can say anything, but with my other colleagues, hayyyy, pahirapan na talaga even making such a shameless excuse of "due to unavailability of tickets you are requested to....blah blah blah…" tinawanan ko na lang. My batch has discussed things over at the phone meetings we had, so far may pinapauwi pa naman sila pero ‘yung iba pahirapan talaga. And the recruiting company is already having problems with expat Pinoys, they are wary of it as they are already blacklisted. They are having a hard time at recruitment of capable people, they have resorted to the proxy technique that blacklisted companies do para makalusot lang.

Oo nga pala kaya mo pa ba talagang dalhin si Musa sa bundok? Kamusta naman si Arjuna at ang pag-aaral niya ha? Mag-aral siya nang mabuti ha? I keep reminding that, ‘yung pusa ko h’wag naman masyado bigwasan, just carry it and spank it lightly on the hips.

Utog mula Dong Ampil de los Reyes, noqualmasabomb@yahoo.com:

A CD copy of Gregorian chants on the cycles attending the birth and epiphany of Jesus Christ cost me over P500—humagulgol ang aking bulsa sa hapdi… I’m still on a hunt for Django Reinhardt, Thelonius Monk and Claude Bolling’s original compositions on CD—let’s just say music pirates aren’t interested in Reinhardt, Monk or Bolling. Hindi makamura kaya nagmumura na lang.

I may be wrong but I’d say the human body has two seats of equilibrium. There’s the dan-tien or hara, two fingers’ width below the navel that’s the fulcrum on which every body move flows—or is unleashed like lightning—from. Keep this area trim with tummy crunches or leg squats with qigong or rhythmic breathing—a three minute-session a day ought to keep the life force or ki stoked like lambent candle flame. And avert such metabolic disasters like diabetes mellitus from getting at you.

And there’s the inner ear, seat of physiological and psychological equipoise which has to be nourished with orisons and salutations to the Almighty plus decent music— not the garbage cranked up by Bee Gees, Air Supply, or similar dolts and those who follow after them.

Wala pa ‘kong bagong album ng Metallica— the New York Times music critic gave an a-okay to that. Kaya “Enter Sandman,” “Master Of Puppets,” “I Love You (For Sentimental Reasons),” “Something Stupid (Like I Love You),” “Amazing Grace,” “Got To Get You Into My Life,” “Show Me A Smile,” “Ikaw Ang Miss Universe Ng Buhay Ko,” “Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan” saka “Kyrie Eleison” ang inaawit kong mga uyayi para ipaghele si Musa, am’bigat niya talaga, nagiging seksi nga daw ‘yung yaya’t nababawasan ng bilbil sa pagkakarga kay Musa.

The guys I play qigong with are well off into their seventies and eighties, niceties and panties—the latter’s often well if off than on-- pero matitindi pa rin ang sigla’t lakas ng katawa’t isipan.

Kaya kaya kong dalhin si
Musa sa bundok… mas gusto ko na ang ganoon kaysa dalhin ko pa ang bundok kay Musa. Hirap sigurong buhatin ng Sierra Madre’t Susong Dalaga—kaya nga sinusupsop ko na lang, nalalasap pa!

Naihinga ko kay Noriel Devanadera—ito lang ang pinagtitiwalaan kong pinuno sa OWWA—ang mga problema n’yo diyan, so let ‘em write about it, I’ll forward it to Noriel. There’s a lot of policy infirmities perpetrated by the Philippine government that needs to be ironed out to protect and promote welfare of Filipino expatriates, why, even those louts in the Senate aren’t crafting laws or really taking a thorough look into OFW problems. Kaya kahit ‘yung tulad ni Noriel o ang mga labor attaches natin, parang nakagapos ang kamay sa pagkilos.

Arjuna’s doing alright in his studies, and his studies are doing him good. Yeah, spanking a pussy smacks of kinky kaya pulos himas lang ang ginagawa ko sa mga pusa natin—nagkataon lang na si Bonyat at Pinyin ang talagang pinapayagan sa loob ng bahay, nasasampiga tuloy kapag nanunggab ng pagkain sa hapag-kainan— kasi’y laan na sa mga aso’t pusa ang lingguhang dalawang kilong galunggong o tamban, ah, they’re a pampered lot.

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