Friday, October 31, 2008

Nanlambat na anak, nanlambot na ama

Nanlambat ang anak sa
BWA-HA-HA-HA, ang cute, ha-ha-ha, hubad si Musa-- as if I haven’t had my share of bathing with a naked lady ha-ha-ha! I’m chatting up with Aaron as of the moment... plus some friends from there and abroad right at the quarters. I called in "sick" today since I needed to finish a design to be submitted to a client after a lot of adjustments; I’m still doing sideline jobs-- design and consulting. Remember I did a project here for an Arab which proceeds went into buying some gadgets including this laptop, a PSP and some add-ons and a lot of groceries, too. (I actually splurged on stuff but I was still sane enough to deposit something in the bank, placed it under time deposit.) I have an upcoming project again by the time my contract ends if I get to negotiate it properly, so I'll still be working when I come home.

The strike resulted in surprising benefits, the work contracts for the Nepalese and Sri Lankan nationals were only to be for two years (labor laws call for only two years, but the company duped them, slapping three-year work contracts). Our salaries were raised. I got a 10% increase-- the company was supposed to give the mandated 15% increase way back as ordered by the Ministry of Labor but they held it back, greed nga naman oo. They had to be budged by the ire of their employees before they gave in.

The guy who backstabbed me was ostracized by the entire camp, he was branded as someone who can never be trusted… but now he is wallowing in joy for the small increase he got out of the inconvenient fighting stand I wanted to take. We treat him civilly as he is still one of us.

Nagmana ako kanino? I got bits from you and Mama, well, you taught us kids a lot of things…including how to break someone's neck; you sent me to Ninong Jerry where I got honed further in terms of thinking. My vacations then with Lolo Domeng taught me deskarte sa buhay and the use of one’s hands in living off the land. You sent me off to this other friend of yours which taught me how to broaden my imagination on things and give chase to what I love, you left me in an art gallery where some guys showed me cool things about the arts… and I read your books including the “Necronomicon,” the rest I found out by myself as I got more older and sturdier in body and mind. Siempre nu’ng bata ako I tried this and that, masakit mahulog sa sapa at sumemplang sa Bundok Makiling ano?

Nanlambot ang ama sa
MY own children with a mélange of mothers and other fathers… which was my notion of saying I don’t have a huge stockpile of skills that I’d want offspring I’ve sired to gain… so I have to send them out to other fathers and mothers who’d impart their own two-bit know-how that’ll be pretty useful and beautiful, too.

Nagka-one night stands (singular and plural forms of nouns can be a grammar watcher’s peeve, but this one night stands stand) ako noon sa asawang seksi ng isang tricycle driver… tatlo na anak nila’t gusto lang daw siyang anakan nang anakan… para kapag marami sila masaya raw pero kulang nga ang kita sa pang-araw-araw na pangangailangan… kung ubrang mabuntis ang lalaki, sana’y ‘yung hindot na ‘yon na lang ang maghirap sa pagbubuntis at panganganak nang marami para masunod ang ibig mangyari sa buhay niya… matagal din akong binulabog sa pinapasukan kong misis na ‘yon, oops, sa pinapasukan kong opisina nga pala… hindi na basta kung magkano lang ang maibabahagi ko, gusto lang daw ako na ‘kikibahagi’t kausap…no intimacy without intricacy, that lonely mom must have taken an earnest liking to the intricate workings of my groin, I mean, brain… Hindi ko matuturuan ang mga anak… nanay nila ang nagpapaturok… oops… turo.

Easy as pie to be a breeder, tougher than nails to be a father. I didn’t tell you I’m tough enough. This moment of tenderness is brought to you by Island Portland Cement, brings out the lovely shine in your hair with regular application…

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