Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Square meal, round tummy

Kuro ng anak sa

A FELLOW warned me that I’m getting bigger and told me to exercise more, some say I look healthier than I was last year when they first saw me. At 65 kilos I think it’s healthy, right? I'm still doing something about my tummy. You were right it’s easy to get big but hard to trim down. I’ve lessen my intake of carbs but it’s not working fast enough. I want my abs back. Mabigat ba ang Apo mo? Simulan mo na kasi ilakad para ma- exercise, ha-ha-ha-ha. I always refer to her as Musaba as dubbed by Aaron. Can’t you send some pics of the kittens before they are to be sentenced outside by Mama especially the white kitten you mentioned?

Turo ng ama sa

AT 10 stones wrapped on a delicate bone structure, that’s not really fab—flab that’s what. All it takes to snap any rib encaging the heart like pretzel is one PSI—a pound per square inch of pressure. You’ve got to say adios to adipose... or you just continue inflicting undue torture on your heart with the slow build of flab pressure.

Trimming down isn’t about lopping off calorie intake—no, not dumping three square meals on a round tummy. What counts is spreading out intake of quality carbohydrates in five wee meals, yeah, you read right: five.

And when I say quality carbohydrates, I’m talking about unpolished cereals-- say, rolled oats with the unsightly dirt-looking bran tacked on each grain, crushed whole wheat, unpolished rice… Include kamote, gabi, yams like ubi and tugui—their long-chain biochemical make-up is nothing short of wonderful that even our innards can appreciate… it takes longer time for the enzymes and such gastric juices in our insides to work on these complex carbohydrates… so we feel full for longer periods…

And they spawn no spike in the body’s blood sugar level after ingestion… this is the beauty of slow food. On sekantot, oops, second thought, ingestion’s just like lovemaking, to be done in solemn adagio, like that ponderous cadence of Johann Pachelbel’s “Canon in D.”

Sobra na tummy, palitan na! Indeed the tummy area holds the dan tien, the body’s axis and center of gravity where every movement flows from. Washboard abs shouldn’t include the washing machine plunked on ‘em…

Kuo Yun-shen, the jian or master who perfected the peng ch’üan (an explosive push) or so-called “Demon Hand” spent three years of his incarceration doing a variant of the three-hugging position. His hands were in heavy chains, so taking that position—and doing the rhythmic breathing (count two, inhale; count eight, hold breath down to diaphragm level; count four, exhale) must have been agonizing.

Thanks to daily practice of that precursor to the “Demon Hand” my six-pack abs hasn’t bulged into a beer keg… Do that. You’ll even find out for yourself how chi or life force revitalizes, firms up your entire body.

Uh, the white kitten was named Miao Ze-dong.

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