Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Death penalty here to stay

TWO years isn’t too long a time to blast away off this planet some 8,000 armed regulars of the New People’s Army.

The job is as easy as finding needles in a haystack—those Reds, their cohorts, allies and sympathizers are quite loud and too showy about their beliefs. They will stick out like heinous warts. They’ll stick it out, come what may.

Forget those sound bites and usual excuses trotted out in defense of killing the death penalty—a humane and compassionate society despises taking away the lives of criminals, no matter how loathsome or abominable their crimes. Capital punishment has no place in a—gasp, choke, belch-- decent society.

Now what about those up in arms against, aim to wrest power from duly constipated, ehek, we mean, constituted powers that be?

Yes, we’re pointing accusing and dirty fingers at those virulent NPAs. We’re fingering ‘em—those frigid faggots who allow gay marriages among their regulars. They have opted to wield political power through the barrels of their assault rifles, not through greasy pork barrels. Is there a felony more heinously hideous than that?

Those NPAs exact revolutionary taxes or in plain terms kotong money from both politicos and businessmen operating in NPA territories like scalawag cops do. They bushwhack small-time felons and cops—that’s aping the ways of kidnap-for-ransom gangs, warlords and drug lords. Their spokesman Gregorio Rosal filch unpaid airtime on radio broadcasts to badmouth the government. And they have the gumption to send batches of press releases to news media—without the usual fat envelopes!

Such cretinous charlatans and their creepy collaborators deserve no whit of mercy.

They deserve a fate worse than roasting forever in hell, those NPAs!

In the ensuing two-year campaign against these insurgents, let it be said that our troops intend to truly extirpate ‘em.

No prisoners will be taken—imprisonment will mean we have to treat them like rapists, drug traffickers, murderers, kidnap-for-ransom gangsters, corrupt-to-the-core officials and similar Christians who have committed heinous crimes but won’t be meted capital punishment.

As for those who get caught in the crossfire, we’ll tab ‘em as collateral damage in this two-year campaign.

Sure the death penalty stays—only for NPAs plus some collateral damage.

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